Experience and Financial Solutions

Construction Financing Solutions

We recognize the first step to an enduring asset is durable construction. The past few years have seen an increase in Engineering, Construction, and Procurement (EPC) firms pursuing renewable energy projects with price alone being the differentiator when quality is the goal.  We strive to facilitate builders in distinguishing themselves by lending contractual expertise, construction financing, and off-balance sheet procurement. We look to align with quality construction firms wanting to differentiate themselves by providing financial solutions to their clients.

Construction Financing: We can provide attractive construction financing solutions. We prefer to get involved early in the project to structure a financing solution that works best for the builder and the asset owner. Our deep construction and financial experience allow us to better understand the risks to offer attractive rates. We can provide financing throughout the construction period. Most importantly we understand the hurdles developer’s face when raising their own construction financing.  We can partner with the EPC to provide a solution that helps the developer increase the project rate of return.

Off balance-sheet procurement: We can assist to lower the total installed cost by providing equipment to at low margins. We can directly pay for equipment lowering the module carrying cost for the developer. In addition to providing the equipment, where applicable, we manage the delivery risk.  We can also carry the module cost during the construction phase reducing the capital outlay by both the EPC and the developer.

Financeable Documents: We can get involved early and help to identify projects that are going to be successful. It can be challenging to know which projects to bid without wasting time. Our experience can help identify projects early that have limited chances of success. EPC contractors can then focus on projects that have the highest likelihood of success. We also have over substantial EPC contract experience. Therefore, we can work to bridge the gap between developers expectations and investors requirements.